4 Benefits Of BIM For MEP Engineers

4 Benefits Of BIM For MEP Engineers

     Working in a Building Information model(BIM) means MEP engineers access critical design data directly from the architectural model. This design data can include rooms real-time ceiling elevations and walls that accommodate electrical devices and plumbing fixtures not only that structural engineers civil engineers and surveyors can all have input into the model. The resulting digital model includes information the entire team needs to make decisions during the design process as well as data the fabricators and subcontractors need to construct a building.

     Building owners also benefit from a model that allows them to digitally maintain facilities over the lifecycle of the building. 

The Top four benefits of BIM to MEP professionals include the following: 

1. 3D Modeling And Collision Detection

       As you probably suspect BIM technology enables efficient 3d modeling, collision detection and report clashing.

2. Reach Responsibility Of Data 

     Objects are encoded with not only dimensional data but a variety of other attributes like energy performance data component materials and cost information this rich repository of data enables a more efficient design process for MEP teams. For example detailed information in the model enables complex calculations to be done automatically. This data can be used to update mechanical and electrical equipment along with the total building.

     The information in the model can be used to automatically calculate flow, help size hydronic pipe and duct systems.  

3. Sustainable Building Process

     Taking it a step further these changes can be used by any of the disciplines working on the project and they will be easily reflected in the Associated material takeoff and cost estimates as well as the energy performance calculations on the facility as a whole, can contribute to a building process that is more efficient and results in less environmental impact. 

4. Competitive Advantages

     Since Building Information modeling is quickly becoming the norm in the AEC industry the adoption of BIM and being able to create a coordinated model can help MEP firms differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage for more information.

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