About us


APS is a consultant company of construction, we specialize in providing the consultant services ofconstruction for industrial projects, civil projects, technical infrastructure projects. The personnels of company are high technical and skillful, educated regularly at the oversea and domestic universities as well as have experienced in many years for many projects.

With the quality policy of “Optimized solution for every matters”, APS company commits to providethe clients the consultant services with the highest effect of quality, schedule, economic and safety.On those bases, we are honored to introduce to clients the strong services in consultancy that we are executing :

  • Investment consultancy.
  • Project management consultancy
  • Construction design consultancy
  • Consultancy of cost management, tender. -QS
  • Construction supervision consultancy
  • Legel consultancy

APS company is always aware a long-term working with the clients through making the qualitystandard system and getting the certificates of ISO 9001 : 2008, BIM …

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